Welcome to my Page.

Roman Buder:

Born 1974 in Amstetten/Lower Austria

Since 1992 Freelance Sculptor after Scultpor School in Hallstatt/Upper Austria

Since 2002 working as Healing Facilitator

Since 2006 working as Spiritual Life Counsellor


I do Treatments, Counselling and Ballancing of Earth- Radiation for Houses in my Studio, Rothergasse 2, 1220 Wien. (Map).

One Meeting takes 90 minutes max. and costs € 120,-

To appoint a Meeting please call +43 650 234 4869, or Mail roman@buder.co

Monday to Friday between 12:30 and 1:30 pm is my phone hour.

Every second Wednesday, we gather for Group- Meditation- Lichtabend.

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